Compiling ldap-3.2b1 on SCO

Luis P. Caamano (
Wed, 03 May 95 09:28:32 EDT


I've been having some problems compiling ldap-3.2b1 on SCO UNIX 3.2v4.2.
Most of the problems so far were Makefile related. However, I ran into
a problem that requires code modification when building ldapd.

The file servers/ldapd/association.c includes <sys/filio.h> which doesn't
exist on SCO. In addition, the subroutine isclosed() has an ioctl with
a FIOGETOWN flag which has no equivalent on SCO. It seems to me that my only
choice is to replace that call with something like fcntl(ad, F_GETFL, 0)
to test the file descriptor. Opinions?

Has anybody compiled this on SCO? If you have, what problems did you have?

If anybody is interested, I can post a list of mods that I had to make in
order to compile on SCO.

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