Mark Murphy (
Tue, 16 May 95 15:23:26 -0500

I'm having a problem understanding the line between QUIPU and LDAP. I
had to compile and install ISODE-8.0, including QUIPU, in order to
get the necessary libraries to compile the LDAP server. That's all
done, however, do I still need to follow the rest of the PSI White
Pages Pilot Project's QUIPU steps to configure my DUA, DSA and join
the pilot DMD before I can even use LDAP?

How is UM implementing X.500? My understanding was that you did away
with QUIPU and replaced it with LDAP or are you still using the DSA
part of QUIPU and LDAP basically replaced the DUA part of it?

I guess my main problem is that I'm assuming that once I have the
necessary libraries to compile the LDAP server, I no longer need to
utilize any part of the QUIPU service of the PSI White Pages Project,
is this incorrect?

I appreciate any responses I can get, thanks.


Mark Murphy Systems Analyst Wayne State University (NeXT) (VM/CMS)