Re: Helpe ! Helpe

Mark Smith (
Wed, 17 May 1995 10:17:16 -0400

>From: DASSER_S <>
> To:
> We've the I.C v2.1
> I try to access to the LDAP server by using the ltest.exe (LDAP client on PC)
from U.of M without
> success. (The bind command failed with : Decoding ERROR !!).
> I can reach my DSA without problem by using the Swix and WinDUA clients.
> Can somebody clarify this mystery ?

Most installed ldap servers (ldapd's) are based on the 3.0 release of the
U-M LDAP code. Unfortunately, some of the encodings were incorrect in that
version, and because of that newer LDAP clients can not bind to older
servers. The converse does work: that 3.1 server will talk to any client
based upon any version of the U-M LDAP libraries.

I ***strongly*** encourage everyone to upgrade to the ldapd contained in
our 3.1 release, available using this URL: