Re: Data Modification

Tim Howes (
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 10:00:41 -0400

> From: "Craig R. Watkins" <>
> To: Francis Koo <>

> > In using "if (ldap_modify(..) == -1)" to modify attributes in the directo
- ry,
> > I always get a modify success irregardless as to whether the
> > modification succeeded or failed.
> ldap_modify() is asynchronous. Try using the synchronous version,
> ldap_modify_s() which will return you a status code based on the completion
> of the operation. ldap_modify() just submits the operation and you need
> to subsequently call ldap_result() to obtain the actual results of the
> operation.

Right. From the ldap_modify(3) man page:

The ldap_modify() operation works the same way as
ldap_modify_s(), except that it is asynchronous, returning
the message id of the request it initiates, or -1 on error.
The result of the operation can be obtained by calling

-- Tim