Re: ldap on mainframe?

Mark Smith (
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 09:13:28 -0400

>From: (Mark Monninger)
> To:
> We have some interest in acessing our X.500 directory from our IBM mainframes
> Does anyone know if ldap has been ported to either IBM VM or MVS? Or know of
> any other ways to acess the directory from there?
> I would think only the ldap libs would be necessary. We could write the other
> pieces ourselves. We do have TCP/IP on both VM and MVS and I understand that
> it does support sockets.

I don't know of anyone having ported our LDAP libraries to a mainframe
environment, but I doubt it will be a difficult task if you have a good
BSD sockets library (and even if you don't, it shouldn't be too hard --
the networking code in libldap and liblber is fairly self contained).