Re: LDAP Browsers

Mark Smith (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 09:18:19 -0400

>From: (Doug Moench)
> To:
> >I'm looking for some MSWindows LDAP browsers... The (quite old) ones I have
> >do not seem to use LDAP v2.
> Nexor, Ltd. has a nice MS-Windows LDAP client called PC-DUA. Digital has a
> Windows browser called InfoBroker, and Data General has a product called
> Directory Access (?) that has update capability as well.
> However, I believe all of the above are now at LDAP Version 3. It's my
> understanding that Version 2 clients work with Version 3 servers, but not
> vice-versa........

There are some links to LDAP DUAs available from this Web page:

We would like to include pointers to more DUAs there, including commercial
ones. Please send any pointers you have to and
we will update the page to include them.

The version issue is a bit confusing... the LDAP protocol is at version
2, and nearly all servers and DUAs were written with the intention of
conforming to that protocol version. Unfortunately, the most widely
used LDAP implementation, namely ours from the University of Michigan,
had some bugs in its implementation of the protocol in all releases
prior to our ldap-3.1 release. Be careful not to confuse the
*protocol* version numbers with the version number we assign to our
LDAP software *distributions* -- there is really no relationship except
that one can expect they will both increase over time.

The bottom line on clients and servers that use our LDAP software is
that clients based on the 3.1 and later code will not work with servers
from the 3.0 and earlier releases. The newer servers do support all
the older clients though, so the thing to do is to make sure your
server is from the ldap-3.1 or later release.