Re: Quipu's treeStructure attribute in oidtables

Alan Wong (
27 Jul 95 15:46 PDT

>Since the value of the treeStructure attribute is very static, wouldn't
>it be nice if we had it in the oidtable.oc? That way, we define it
>once and not every time one creates a entry of an object class that
>needs a treeStructure attribute. I've been thinking about modifying
>quipu to handle this as an exercise, but would like some opinions
>before I go ahead.
>Does anybody have any info regarding this?

TreeStructure is an out of date component of QUIPU. If you do any
modifications at all you should consider implementing the structure
rules as offered by X.500(93). These are stored "out of the way" in
sub entries of the DIT, but have the advantage of being available to
DUAs over DAP if they need to be accessed for some reason.