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In your message of 4 Aug 1995 at 1213 EDT, you write:
> The reason ours got killed is that we're running quipu 8.0 which seems
> to have really bad memory leaks. Our dsa, while processing that edb
> (cut out here...)
> At this point, we have several options: a) increase the max sbrk value
> per user in the kernel (the quick, dirty, fix), b) fix the edb related
> memory leaks. If there are any other options, pls tell me so.
> (cut out here...)
> The reason I'm posting this is b). I've noticed that the quipu's
> memory leak appear to be really bad at edb processing time. Before
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There is an 8.1 patch that is supposed to mix memory leaks.

Try looking in

What kind of machine are you running ISODE 8.0 on?

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