LIBLDAP 32-bit for NT

Jim Rommel (
Mon, 11 Sep 95 15:49:34 CDT

I *desperately* need a 32-bit version of LDAP that will run on NT. I have
been unsuccessful building LDAP on NT. I do have a LIBLDAP.DLL from NASA
(part of their WDUA32) which works fine with their application against our
DSA (Control Data's 3.0 LDAP server). I'm sure it would work fine with my
application, except all I have is the DLL - I need the Import Library.
I have requested help from NASA, but have received no response from them.
I am using Microsoft's Visual C++ 2.1 to build my application. And
unfortunately, and for some odd reason, Microsoft chose not to include the
implib utility with their 2.1 product, so I am unable to generate the import
library from their DLL myself.

Has anyone out there had any success building LDAP 32-bit version for NT?
What did you do to get it to work? And can you help by sending me a
LIBLDAP.DLL and LIBLDAP.LIB that I can use?

I am not on this mailing list, so please email me directly. I would like to
be on the mailing list, so please tell me how I can get on.

Jim Rommel
Texas Instruments