Displaying JPEG Photo

Kwangsoo Kim (kskim@pec.etri.re.kr)
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 18:24:49 +0900 (GMT+9:00)


I came across a strange happening after I upgraded ISODE V8.0
a couple of days ago.

I was able to see JPEG images at both DAP-based DUAs and LDAP-based
DUAs alike. However, after I upgraded (with respect to the version
number in each sub-dir of ISODE) the ISODE I could only see an already
converted image(with "jpeg2asn") through DAP-based DUAs(dish, for example).

When the same image is passed through a ldap server an error is
generated such as "put_jpeg_value: unknown type error".

I'm confusing because I successfully saw(with web500gw) the correct
image before the re-installation of ISODE. Has any part of LDAP been
affected by the new ISODE library(say libdsap.a)?

Does anyone out there know the (possible) solution?

Even though I hear a solution, I still want a nicer way to present
JPEG images without conversion(adding ASN.1 stuffs) of original files.

Is there anyone who knows how to present plain JPEG files at a WWW

Thanks for any feedback.

Kwang-Soo Kim
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