Re: Multiple Quipu/LDAP on one machine?

Eric Rosenquist (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 20:57:40 -0400

On 16 Oct 95 at 14:05, Ben Groeneveld wrote:

> we're using quipu and would like to develop a parallel environment on a
> single machine so that production and development do not hinder each other.
> being new to quipu and ldapd, is it feasible to run two complete
> environments on our hp unix box, including dit's? thanks,

Yes it's feasible; it's relatively easy in fact. Run one Quipu/LDAP the
normal way, and run the other Quipu with the "-t" command-line option to
point it at a different quiputailor file. In the 2nd quiputailor file you
point it at a different disk directory for its files and possibly give it
a different DN. The 2nd LDAP will have to listen on a different port (use
the "-p" option) and will have to call the 2nd DSA (use the "-c" option)
rather than relying on the default behavior of contacting the first DSA
listed in the .../isode/etc/dsaptailor file.

LDAP clients wanting to use the 2nd server will simply have to know what
port to contact since you won't be using the default port of 389.

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