ldap-3.2b3 (final 3.2 beta release)

Thu, 16 Nov 1995 15:09:31 -0500

The attached announcement is for the FINAL beta release prior to
the LDAP-3.2 release, which WILL BE MADE on or before December 4
(1995!). Please take this release and try it out. Many fabulous
new things have been added since the 3.1 release that most of you
are using, including slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.

The quality of the final 3.2 release depends on the level and
quality of feedback we receive on this beta release, so please
take it and try it out, letting us know if you have any problems.

Thanks! -- Tim Howes and Mark Smith for the LDAP support team


LDAP 3.2b3

*** This is a BETA release ***

The University of Michigan is pleased to announce release 3.2b3 of
UM-LDAP, an implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol. LDAP is a proposed Internet standard directory service
protocol, that runs over TCP/IP. It can be used to access X.500 or
a stand-alone LDAP service. LDAP is defined by RFC 1777 and RFC 1778.

This release includes the following components:

- slapd - The stand-alone LDAP daemon
- data conversion tools - for use with slapd
- slurpd - The stand-alone LDAP update replication daemon
- ldapd - An LDAP-to-X.500 server
- libldap - An LDAP client library
- liblber - A lightweight BER/DER encoding/decoding library
- in.xfingerd, an LDAP-based finger daemon
- go500 - A gopher index server to LDAP gateway for local searching
- go500gw - A general gopher to LDAP gateway for browsing and searching
- ud - A tty-based LDAP client
- rcpt500 - An email LDAP query responder
- mail500 - An LDAP-capable mailer
- fax500 - An LDAP-capable mailer that support remote printing
- LDAP tools - A collection of shell-based LDAP utility programs

In addition, there are some contributed components:

- web500 - A web to LDAP gateway
- whois++d - A local WHOIS++ to LDAP gateway
- saucer - a simple command-line oriented client program

ISODE (either version 8.0 or IC or Nexor) is required to build the
ldapd server, but the clients and associated libraries and stand-alone
slapd server can be built separately without having ISODE.


Changes from release 3.1 of LDAP include

- addition of slapd, a stand-alone ldap server that does
not require X.500
- addition of slapd database creation and conversion utilities
- addition of slurpd, a stand-alone ldap server replication daemon
- support for LDAP referrals in libldap
- support for additional platforms
- support for (auto-)character set conversion in libldap
- addition of entry2html() routine in libldap
- additional lber features ('o' format, save session to a file, etc.)
- support for Borland C 3.1
- various small feature additions to ldap tools, mail500, etc.
- various bug fixes

See the CHANGES file in the distribution for more details.


This software is freely available to anyone for any lawful purpose,
subject to the U-M copyright notice and disclaimer. The software is
available for anonymous ftp from the following location:



The software is provided as is without any express or implied
warranty, but there is a bug reporting mail address which is
responded to on a best-effort basis:


In addition, there is a discussion list for issues relating to this
implementation of ldap:

ldap@umich.edu -- discussion list
ldap-request@umich.edu -- to join the list

Comments or questions about the LDAP protocol in general should be
sent to the IETF ASID discussion group:

ietf-asid@umich.edu -- discussion list
ietf-asid-request@umich.edu -- to join the list

An LDAP home page containing lots of interesting information and
online documentation is available at this URL:



This release has been ported to many unix platforms, including
SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.4, Ultrix 4.3, HP-UX 9.05, AIX 3.2.5,
SCO, FreeBSD, NetBSD, LINUX, and NeXTSTEP 3.2. Previous versions
have also been ported to VMS.

The client libraries and some clients have also been ported to
MacOS 7.1 and 7.5, MSDOS (some TCP stacks), and MS-Windows 3.1.