Tim Howes (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 23:32:25 -0500

> From: Darin Creason <creason@ENGR.ORST.EDU>
> To:

> I am a software engineer working on a directory services project for
> Hewlett Packard --Corvallis. I had been looking over some of the code
> for the LDAP to X.500 that you have written, when I came across "quipu".
> I have been unable to track down anything regarding quipu. I need to find
> the libraries/header files that are quipu and look at them to find out more
> about some
> of the objects that were used in the code. What I ask of you is a hint as
> to where I might find such header files. Examples of such are:
> #include <quipu/commonarg.h>
> #include <quipu/attrvalue.h>
> #include <quipu/ds_error.h>
> #include <quipu/compare.h>
> #include <quipu/dap2.h>
> #include <quipu/dua.h>
> and so forth. These were taken from the compare.c source code file.

QUIPU is part of the ISDOE package. You can get the public domain version
of ISODE (version 8.0) from among
other places. Further development of ISODE is now being done by the ISODE
Consortium, whom you can contact by sending mail to
In addition, some vendors have products originally based on QUIPU (CDC
and Nexor to name two). -- Tim