Re: problem compiling the ldap distribution

Tim Howes (
Thu, 07 Dec 1995 20:28:43 -0500

> From: Ron Croonenberg <>
> To:

> I'm trying to compile the ldap-3.2 distribution, on Solaris 2.4
> Everything seems fine, but the make stalls when it tries to compile the ltest
> module. The error I get is :
> undefined symbol: lber_bprint
> first referenced in file ../liblber/liblber.a (io.o)
> Since there is a port for Solaris 2.4, I probably made a mistake somewhere.
> Could someone help me out on this one ?

I can't reproduce this, but my guess is you did not define LDAP_DEBUG.
You should do that. The comment in Make-common says it's a good idea,
and now I guess we know why! Should work without it, of course, but
see if that doesn't fix your problem. -- Tim

PS. If it doesn't, send mail to so we don't have
to bother the whole list until your problem is fixed. Thanks.