Indexed fields not being recognized

George Pavel (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 17:05:20 -0800

I have set up a GDA directory and am making queries using the finger daemon
supplied with LDAP. I have the following fields defined as indexed in
quiputailor and gdatailor: cn, sn, telephoneNumber, mail, uid.

One of the last items in my ldapfilter.conf for finger is:

".*" ". " "(uid=%v1)" "official ID or alias"
"(sn=%v1)" "last name"
"(cn=*%v1*)" "exact"
"(|(cn~=%v1)(sn~=%v1))" "approximate"

Whenever I do a query, the logs say that a search subtree uid=something is
invalid because it is not an indexed field. But it is defined as indexed
and there are gdbm files for uid indexing. If I remove the uid search, the
query will fail again complaining that cn is not an indexed field. Queries
that match sn and telephoneNumber and mail work fine. Any suggestions?

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