Re: Limitations on filters?

Tim Howes (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 19:11:24 -0500

> From: Nils Andreas Thommesen <>
> To:

> My question is: Is there a limitation on filters in ldap?

There is no limit in theory. If there are problems, it's a bug of some
kind. But I've seen it work with filters more complicated than that,
so I don't know what's happening.

> The reason why I ask is recent experiences:
> When executing a search with this filter:
> (&(objectClass=*)(|(cn~=Bre)(o~=Bre)(ou~=Bre)))
> I receive about ten entries at a certain base.
> But when adding a few more "or-parts" to the filter, I get NO results on the s
- ame
> search-base!
> This is the new filter:
> (&(objectClass=*)(|(cn~=Bre)(o~=Bre)(ou~=Bre)(sn~=Bre)(l~=Bre)(c~=Bre)))
> The RFC 1558 states no such limitations as far as I can see.
> Is it perhaps the server that fails here? If so, is it possible for my program
- detect that?

You might turn on debugging at the server (-d 1023 or something). It
might produce some illuminating information. If you can't figure it out,
send mail to When we get it figured out, we can
tell the whole list. ;-) -- Tim