Summary: Limitations on filters

Nils Andreas Thommesen (
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 14:56:05 +0100

I had trouble using a filter with many components, and I thought it was the *number* of
parts in the filter that was the trouble. But it wasn't.

Theoretically, there are no limitations on ldap-filters. (said Tim Howes)
As Andy Coulbeck, Hallvard B. Furuseth and Roland Hedberg have suggested, the
culprit is the "c" part. Having more than two characters here will not return anything.
Therefore, " (&(objectClass=*)(|(sn~=Bre)(l~=Bre)(c~=Bre)))" does not work.

Hallvard Furuseth suggested (to Roland Hedberg) that he (probably meaning me) should
check the results.
Andy Coulbeck also said that I should have received an error with that filter, but I did not!
So, even though the server rejects one part of the filter, it returned no results, and
LDAP_RES_SEARCH (I am using asynchronous calls with ldap_result).

Nils Andreas Thommesen