Re: does a whois-to-ldap gateway exist?

peter (
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 08:44:50 -0500

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 wrote:
> Pine doesn't currently support LDAP, and we haven't decided which
> directory service(s) to support, but we are planning to do something
> at some point. We've kind of been hoping for a "winner" to emerge by
> the time we get to that point... ;)

How about something a little more generic: URLs. AFAIK, there is an
LDAP URL format, so configuring pine to use URLs for name resolution
could include LDAP.

How this could work: the address book could contain a list of "mailto:"
URLs, "ldap:" (correct tag?) URLs, etc. The user enters naming
information, pine checks it against "mailto:" URLs in the address book;
if there are no matches, pine then begins searching "ldap:" URLs, in
the order they are listed in the address book (this would allow users to
have multiple directories in order of preference).

Directories referenced via "ldap:" URLs could be X.500 or slapd, or
anything else which supports LDAP in the future (whois++, maybe one

Other URLs which could be usefully used in this context would be
"file:", which would refer to other address books (containing "mailto:",
"ldap:", and "file:" URLs). Another possibility might be "ftp:" or
"http:", with the understanding that the referenced data would itself
contain lists of pine-acceptable URLs.

Adding this support to pine now should make it easier in the future to
add crypto support as well, given the work underway (IETF PKIX, ITU-T,
Netscape, etc.) to use URLs to reference CRLs, ARLs, CA certificates,


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