slapd newbie questions

Mark Bixby (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 11:22:31 -0800 (PST)

I've just installed slapd here and think it's really neat. This X.500 stuff
appears to be the answer for our people directory needs.

I have some basic questions:

1) Can I run a distributed (but not replicated) slapd directory? I.e. I'll
run slapd on my machine for the top-level org stuff, and my orgunits will run
slapd on their own machines containing their own data. What do I have to do
on my parent machine so things like subtree searches will automatically query
the multiple child slapd machines?

2) Once our slapd directory is fully operational, can I have the *real* X.500
directory (st=California, c=US) point to us? Who do I contact to make that

3) Can anybody recommend some functional LDAP _freeware_ clients for Win95?
Of the clients listed by UM, only SWIX seems functional (i.e. doesn't hang or
GPF) under Win95. I've already found web500gw, which gives access to Win95
users via a web browser.

4) In looking at the clients, it quickly becomes obvious that for ease of
use clients and servers should agree regarding objectclasses and attributes.
Yet there is sometimes wide variation is the config files I've seen so far.
Is there any standard (or standard-to-be) document that lists all universally
accepted object classes and their attributes?


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