RE: How do I solve "Decoding Error"?

Alexis Bor (
Wed, 10 Apr 96 02:33:13 UT

Following up on this question, I can't remember from way back when we went
from ldap 3.0 to 3.1, was there a problem with running an ldap 3.0 client
against a 3.1 or 3.2 ldap server?

I am working with someone that has a 3.0 LDAP server and is in the process of
upgrading to LDAP 3.2. Do the applications have to be upgraded at the same

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Alexis Bor

From: on behalf of Tim Howes
Sent: March 01, 1996 7:31 AM
To: Nils Andreas Thommesen
Subject: Re: How do I solve "Decoding Error"?

> From: Nils Andreas Thommesen <>
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> I am currently using LIBLDAP version 3.2, and when connecting to *some*
> servers, I get "Decoding Error". I have tried to use the debug version of
> LIBLDAP.DLL, but I couldn't figure out what went wrong, or *where*
> things got wrong.
> So, my question is: how can I figure out what and where things go wrong when
> try to connect to some servers?
> FYI: It is the ldap_simple_bind call that returns Decoding error. I do not
- n any
> LDAP servers myself.

No doubt these are 3.0 LDAP servers that you connecting to when you
get the decoding error. There is a known bug with older servers that
caused some protocol elements (namely, the bind request) to be
encoded incorrectly. Versions later than that fix the problem, and
later servers understand both formats (the old broken one and the
new correct one). New clients only speak the new correct format,
though. So your best bet is to try and encourage those sites running
the old stuff to upgrade. -- Tim