one giant leap for LDAP!

Mark Smith (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 11:55:11 -0400

Netscape, the University of Michigan, and many other organizations today
made an important press announcement. The headline reads:

"More Than 40 Companies Join Netscape and U. Michigan to
Support Lightweight Directory Access Protocol as Proposed
Standard for Internet Directories"

you can find the complete press copy here:

and I encourage all of you who are interested in LDAP to read it.

Careful readers will notice that the press release says that "A number
of key University (of Michigan) researchers will join Netscape...." and
in fact Tim Howes, Gordon Good, and myself (Mark Smith) have all
accepted positions with Netscape. The 3.3 U-M LDAP release, due within
the next week, will probably be the last release made by Tim, Gordon,
and myself out of U-M. For now, support for the U-M LDAP software will
continue as before (send e-mail to and we will
answer), but eventually things will change a bit.

Everyone here on our development team is quite excited by this turn of
events -- LDAP is gaining momentum daily as the directory access
protocol of choice within the Internet community and beyond.

-Mark (for the U-M LDAP Development Team)