objectclass customization

Jim Garlick (garlick@ecst.csuchico.edu)
Wed, 1 May 1996 22:52:42 -0700 (PDT)


I hope this question is appropriate for the ldap@umich.edu list...
I suspect it boils down to my lack of understanding of LDAP and X.500 (sorry!)

We are evaluating an IMAP mail client called Simeon from ESys Corp. and
are bringing up an LDAP directory service based on slapd. When simeon
looks for a person in the LDAP directory, it searches for a a `commonname'
attribute. Slapd and some other LDAP references I have looked at want a
`cn' attribute. Is one or the other a standard attribute that I should make
available so a wide variety of (potentially off-site) LDAP clients can make
sense of my data?

The ESys guy I talked to today suggested I make `commonname' and alias to `cn',
but I see that slapd doesn't support aliases. Should I just add a duplicate
`commonname' attribute for every `cn' in my data?

Which brings me to another point. We would like our person objectclass to
contain a lot more attributes than what is defined in slapd.oc.conf.
I see umich has created a umichPerson objectclass. How does that mesh
with the view an off-site client expects to get of the umich data? Does each
person have both a person and umichPerson entry, or are they linked in some

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer!

Jim Garlick
College of Engineering
California State University, Chico