rfc 1778

Oliva, Chris: GTIS (Chris.Oliva@gta-atg.x400.gc.ca)
Tue, 14 May 1996 17:42:50 -0400


I'd like to request that rfc1778 be updated to describe how t.61 characters
(extended 8-bit) are handled in ldap. It's currently not documented and a
source of much confusion to many people. Everybody who first reads the
rfc's gets the impression that 8-bit characters are not supported in ldap.

1) rfc1777 states:

LDAPString is a notational convenience to indicate that, although strings
of LDAPString type encode as OCTET STRING types, the legal character
set in such strings is limited to the IA5 character set.


2) rfc1779 sort of says that a hex escape mechanism can be used to represent
any valid Distinguished name, but is not very specific about how. Not
until you
fire up the ldap server with debugging on is it clear as to what's

3) rfc1778 states:

T61 String - The encoding of a string of type t61StringSyntax is the string

That hardly does the job if you ask me.