Re: slapd can't handle too many concurrent BINDs

Fri, 17 May 96 15:21:48 -0700

Thanks for your thoughts, but actually, I don't think slapd is "leaking" fd's.
That particular problem was caused by an out-of-control client that did
successive BINDs but never unbound. slapd apparently uses a FD per connection
and seems to correctly free them on UNBINDs.

So, if you have a slapd server and you think that there's some chance it might
be subject to > 64 concurrent BINDs, you'll want to raise that limit on the
slapd process. Since there is > 0 chance that there will be poorly-behaved
clients out there (we just experienced one, for example), one would probably
want to raise that limit anyway, so that slapd has some breathing room.

This is what it seems to me, at least.

The mem leak problem is the one that's got me more worried.