DOS and LDAP...!!!

X500 (
Sat, 18 May 1996 10:46:56 +0500 (GMT+0500)

As already mentioned in our previous mails , we are trying to communicate
with the ldap server using a DOS machine and using the utility *DE*. We
have already posed a few queries and thro' your useful hints , we have
been able to proceed further.

Now here we are facing a new problem !!!.

We are running the ldapd server in the debug mode
/usr/local/etc/ldapd -d 32767

The bind from DOS machine to LDAP server is successful (Indeed the ltest
gives the appropriate message when we use the command B).
The ldap server in turn binds to the appropriate DSA.

After this we pose the query from DOS side like the name of a
person,organisational unit ,organisation,country name.(This is similar to
search option of ltest).

The ldap server in turn initiates the DSA for searching the Data base.
However the DSA sends "Time limit exceeded" message.

The exact sequence of messages (as captured by running the ldapd in debug
mode) is:
| initiate_dap_operation |
| operation initiated 0 |
| DapInitWaitRequest : result 0 type 3 |
| x500err2ldaperr |
| ***Service error : Time limit exceeded *** |
Can anyone *PLEASE* highlight on this problem or suggest any solution for
the same ?.

With lots of Thanks in Advance