Re: Problems getting LDAP to work:RE

Mark Smith (
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 10:47:33 -0700

Pinocci Paul wrote:
> We are having the same problem with the 128 limit when we try to use
> ldif2ldbm to create the ldbm database from an ldif input file. As
> soon as we add one more entry to the ldif file, we get the following
> error when we run ldif2ldbm on it:
> idl_insert_key: No space left on device
> stopping: child exited with status 1
> We are running it on a Sun Sparcstation 4 with Solaris 2.5.

Please read the ndbm manual page on your system. The Solaris
ndbm key/content pair limit is 1024 bytes, which is by all
measures absurdly small. The UM SLAPD and SLURPD Admin. Guide
says this in chapter 4 "Building and Installing slapd & slurpd":

The default is -DLDBM_USE_NDBM, since it is the only one
available on all UNIX systems. NDBM has some serious limitations,
though (not thread-safe, severe size limits), and you are
strongly encouraged to use one of the other packages if you can.

Obviously we should've stated this much stronger. If you want to
use slapd for real applications (and I'm sure you do!) get GDBM or
Berkeley DB. Your life will be much better and you will go home
much happier at the end of each day. We promise!