attribute naming standards

Russell Fulton (
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 10:36:06 +1200 (NZT)

Greetings all.

Next silly question:

Are the attribute names cn, sn, ou, mail, etc standardised?

I ask this because I have now got Simeon mail client to work with the
UM ldap server by changing the attribute names to: commonname, surname
and department. Not surprisingly now none of the UM clients find the
attributes they are looking for.

It seems to me that if various implementations are to interopereate
then there needs to be agreement on a core set of attributes.

RFC1779 on distinguishing names gives a standard set of names for use
in dns including cn, ou and o.

Are ther any other 'standard' names?

Can a client that uses commonname instead of cn rightly claim to be an
LDAP client since it appears to be at least in violation of 1779?

Alternatively is there anything I can set up in the configuration file
that maps cn to commonname and vise versa?

Cheers, Russell.

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