Re: Problems making ldap server on HP/UX

Frederick (
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:02:13 -0400

At Mark Smith's suggestion I'm sending this to the ldap mailing list.
Has anyone had experience with this problem? Assistance in this area
would be much appreciated. Please respond to .
-Rick Reyes, NCTSW, Code N961

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>From Tue Jun 25 12:06 EDT 1996
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 09:10:17 -0700
From: Mark Smith <>
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Frederick (Rick) H. Reyes wrote:
> I am trying to compile ldap 3.3 on a HP 9000/750 workstation running
> HP/UX 9.01. When building the servers the ldapd make process stops
> with three unresolved symbols: unf_init, setenv and unsetenv. I have
> ICR1 software installed. The symbols appear to exist in the
> referenced
> libraries but are not being accepted when linked together with other
> objects. Is there a way to fix this problem so that I will get the
> ldapd server made?

I am not sure what the problem might be. I don't know if ldapd has
ever been built for HP/UX, and unfortunately in my new job I don't
have access to the IC software. You might talk to someone at the IC
and see if they have built for HP/UX. You might also try sending a
message to the list to see if anyone else has built
ldapd for HP/UX (there are several hundred LDAP developers and other
interested people on that list).


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