Q: # of 'slapd' threads supposed to be < 0 ?

Neil K. Hicks (n_hicks@whistler.net)
Sat, 6 Jul 1996 07:41:01 -47900


As we are new to the program 'slapd', please excuse us if this is a new-bee

We are evaluating the LDAP.

We compiled ldap-3.3 for IRIX 5.3 (using the gdbm option to the program)
and we have noticed that after a while the server CPU useage
goes up and up and up. Using the monitor, after 4 hours of no
connections, we see that:

> threads=-4483

we were wondering if this was normal, as when threads=0 (like when the
server starts up) the sever does not seem to take up as much CPU.

Has anybody else had this problem? Is this just an unrelated display

Please cc: us via e-mail if possible as we are not on this mailing list.

Thank You for your time
Neil K. Hicks
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