Re: LDAP on BSD/OS Release 2.1

Gordon Good (
Tue, 09 Jul 1996 13:37:40 -0700

William L. Larson (Bill) wrote:
> I have built and tested the LDAP package on a BSD/OS Release 2.1 system.
> This required some minor changes to some of the sources and a new
> Make-platform. These changes will be forwarded to ldap-support shortly.
> My question is as to what is meant by a system being "tested" as described
> in the build/PORTS file. I have run the various tests in the "tests"
> subdirectory and passed everything except the test007-replication, which
> I am assuming means I failed the "slurpd" test. Does successfully passing
> the other tests mean that the "libraries", "clients", "ldapd", and
> "slapd" succeeded (as per the listing in build/PORTS)?

Thanks for contributing your changes!

There's no correspondence between the test numbers and the various columns in
the PORTS file. The PORTS file predates the slapd tests, which appeared in
release 3.3.

By passing the tests up to but not including the replication test, you've
tested basic functionality of the lber and ldap libraries, the client tools
(ldapsearch, ldif2ldbm, ldapmodify), and certain features of slapd (basic
searching, basic add/modify operations, search filters, and access control).
The tests aren't designed to be exhaustive, however. I'd say that passing the
tests gets you a "B" (builds and is believed to work), and that an "X" (known
to build and work) is warranted after more extensive use.

The tests do not test ldapd at all.

If test007-replication failed, then slurpd isn't working. It's probably a
threading issue. Does BSD/OS have a threads package? Slurpd won't work
without threads.

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