Re: changed to db, new problems (fwd)

Mark Smith (
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 09:22:52 -0700

Randy Grimshaw wrote:
> ... So I re-compiled and now ldif2ldbm works
> as advertised building my database of many thousands of users.... but
> when I query the server it fails on the ber_get_next call.
> ...
> ...
> I am running sunos-4.1.3u1 (solaris-1.1.1) and have tried both with
> and
> without the solaris patch to the db->hash routines.
> ...

The Solaris DB patch is only needed with Solaris 2.x (aka SunOS 5.x),
so you shouldn't need to worry about that. It is odd that ber_get_next
is failing with "error 0", but the first sign of trouble is much
earlier than that:

> select activity
> FIONBIO ioctl on 5 faled
> ...

That should be "ioctl on 5 failed" of course. You should add some
debugging in servers/slapd/daemon.c to print out errno after the
above ioctl call fails (it is trying to set the socket into
non-blocking I/O mode). I have never heard of this problem before...