Registering ldap connection with event loop?
Mon, 15 Jul 96 12:06:36 PST


I am writing an asynchronous X windows based client that uses
ldap_client library to communicate with slpad.

After makeing the call:


// open a connection
if ( (pLD = ldap_open( pStrIPAddress, iPortId )) == NULL )
return ( LDAP_SERVER_DOWN );

I would like to register the the file descriptor for the ldap connection
with my X event loop so that I can then call ldap_result() when there is
some activity.


After perusing the ldap stucture I am unsure of the proper field(s) to
use... can someone help me with that? The actual read/write socket
description would be most helpful.

Is there another/better way to do this that I have not grasped?

In addition it would seem that a api call to get this would be benifical
since I imagine that many client side applications will have there own
event loops to contend with.


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