Type-down searching

Jeff Allen (jeff@bunyip.com)
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 09:17:56 -0400

One feature I've heard advertised for the coming wave of mass-market
LDAP clients (ala Mr. Howes and Mr. Genovese) is "type down
searching". In one article I saw, it was defined as:

Type-down addressing: search operation starts to seek
names as they are typed

While I see how this would be fairly sexy, and is certainly the kind
of thing we've seen in the past with local directories, I'm not
certain that our existing data access methods are up to the challenge.

Could people who are working on implementing this tell us how it's
going, and how it's likely to effect our servers? Does this mean that
in the course of doing a search for "smith", the server's going to be
asked to do searches for "s*", "sm*", etc?

Now, I'm not a user interface guy, so I'm not really the right one to
judge how useful this is. [ I'm more of a command-line kind of guy, truth
be told. :)] However, if servers are going to get spammed with this
kind of nonsense, we need to think seriously about what we can do to
the data access protocol to reduce the load on the server during these

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