Re: ldif2ldbm problem

Soren Vejrum (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 09:32:56 +0200

Kent A. Ziebell wrote:
> =

> I am trying to put up a slapd server for the first time. I'm trying to=

> create its required database as specified in the SLAPD Administrator's
> Guide, step 7. I did the installation on a Digital Unix (OSF/1) 3.2d
> system, but when I try to issue the ldif2ldbm command to build the
> database, I get a seg fault. Trying to run dbx I get:
> =

> signal Segmentation fault at >*[port_allocate, 0x3ff81808f5c] stq
> r26, 0(sp)
> =

> Look familiar to anyone?
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I have the same problem (also on Digitial Unix) and asked the same
question a while ago. I was told that the problem is with "ndbm" and
that I should try the GNU "gdbm" or the Berkeley "db" package instead
(see the ranked list of backends in the documentation).

I have not had the time to try this yet, so if you succeed or run into
other problems I would like hear from you.

S=F8ren Vejrum, Dan Net A/S, Denmark,