Re: ldap bytestream representation

Eric Rosenquist (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 18:52:53 -0400

On 24 Jul 96 at 8:34, Wehner, Stefan wrote:

> who can tell me how the ldap protocol really looks like? The syntax used
> for the protocol specification in RFC-1777 doesn't really help me to
> understand the actual representation in the TCP/IP packages. I even tried
> to read the ASN.1 specification but got a headache after the third page.
> ...

The reason you got a headache is that ASN.1 is specification that takes a
while to digest. BER encoded values have three components: a tag, a
length, and a value. Quite often, the value itself is another BER
encoded value - there's a bit in the tag field that indicates if this is
so. A good intro can be found in "The Layman's Guide to BER..." in
<>. Look in the subdirectory of your choice
(DOS, ASCII, PS) for layman.*.

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