Re: slapd on OSF/1 3.2d

Kent A. Ziebell (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 15:28:19 CDT


Thanks for responding.

I tried: ./ldbmcat /local/ldap/ldbm-isu/dn2id.dbb | less

and I get:


corresponding to keys 2 and 1, for the two records that I have in the

When I do use ldbmtest, I get:
dbtest: td
key: "CN=KENT ZIEBELL,O=ISU,C=US" (len 29)
key: "O=ISU,C=US" (len 13)

So it looks like I actually have data in dn2idd.dbb .

Yet when I do:
ldapsearch 'objectclass=*'
I still get the following in the slapd debug log:

begin get_filter
end get_filter 0
filter: (objectclass=*)
conn=11 op=1 SRCH base="o=ISU,c=US" scope=2 filter="(objectclass=*)"
=> dn2id( "o=ISU,c=US" )
=> ldbm_cache_open( "/local/ldap/ldbm-isu/dn2id.dbb", 514, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 0)
<= dn2id NOID

Any further ideas?


>Kent A. Ziebell wrote:
>> The saga continues... :)
>> I think I have ldif2ldbm working now - at least it doesn't get a seg
>> fault and appears to create the database and indexes. I've switched
>> from ndbm to Berkeley's db package, and specified
>> Now I've been hitting my head on step 9 of the SLAPD Administrator's
>> Guide. No matter what I try to search for using ldapsearch, I get:
>> ziebell@camaro> ./ldapsearch -h 'objectclass=*'
>> ldap_search: No such object
>> ...
>Does your database contain an entry for "o=ISU,c=US"? This logging:
>> ...
>> => dn2id( "o=ISU,c=US" )
>> => ldbm_cache_open( "/usr/tmp/dn2id.dbb", 514, 600 )
>> <= ldbm_cache_open (cache 0)
>> <= dn2id NOID
>tells me that the base object used in the search was not found by
>slapd. Use ldbmcat and see if that entry is in your database; if not,
>add it. If an entry for "o=ISU, c=US" is in there, I suspect there
>is a bug somewhere. The OSF/1 port of slapd is not well tested....

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