Re: Oracle backend for LDAP?

Tim Howes (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 09:04:42 -0700

Art Mulder wrote:
> Hello,
> Has anyone written an Oracle back-end for slapd?
> (using the supplied API programming guide)
> We are using the SIMON program to maintain our database of
> users. SIMON uses an oracle database.
> Rather than replicate this database for slapd/ldap, we would
> prefer to plug an oracle backend into slapd, such that the
> two products can both access the same single database.
> Before we start writing this ourselves, we thought we'd see if
> anyone else has already done so, or if anyone had any wisdom
> to share on the subject.

Not that I've heard, though this question has come up before
from people in your same position, who may have then gone off
and done something. I don't remember names off the top of my
head, though. -- Tim