Re: best way to debug slapd

Gordon Good (
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 09:13:24 -0700

Chris Irwin wrote:
> I am having all kinds of trouble with user authentication ( I keep
> getting "ldap_modify: Insufficient access" when trying to modify
> entries using ldapmodify. What is the best way to find out why this
> message is being sent back when I know that I am sending in the correct
> userPassword for the binding DN. The only way that I can modify is by
> binding as the rootdn.

Try running slapd with trace debugging enabled (-d 1). If you could
provide more information, specifically:

1) The ldapmodify command line you're using, and
2) The contents of the entry you're trying to bind as, and
3) The input you're feeding to ldapmodify

it'd be helpful.

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