slurpd problems

Chris Irwin (
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 09:41:50 -0400

I have just setup replication asper the instructions in the SLAPD &
SLURPD Administrators guide v 3.3

The replication works if I update the master slapd server (i.e. slurpd
picks up the change and replicates it to the slave slapd server) but the
opposite directions doesn't work. When I make an update to the slave
slapd server, I get the message :

modifying entry cn=Christopher S Irwin,o=Concept Five Technologies,c=US
ldap_modify: Partial results and referral received

but that is it. Nothing is sent to the master slapd server.

Do I need to have a referral lin ein my slave's slapd.conf file that
points at the master slapd server ?

I saw nothing in the admin guide stating this but thought that this may
be the problem.



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