Re: What is the root of the DS?

Mark Wahl (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 17:30:40 -0500

> If you connect to an Ldap server (say Slapd, as an anonymous user), but
> you don't know the root (base dn) of the DS (such as for search queries)
> is there anyway you can find it?

There is unfortunately no standard or conventional way I know of with today's
LDAPv2 servers. This is something we are addressing in the LDAPv3 design.
My suggestion is that there be a DN-valued attribute "namingContexts" in the
ROOT DSE, which can be read by requesting this attribute when doing a
baseObject search of the empty DN. The values of namingContexts returned in
the search result will be the base names of subtrees which that server masters
or shadows.

Mark Wahl