LDAP Clients Using DNS to Find LDAP Servers

Will Hopkins (hopkins@apollo.hp.com)
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 13:04:58 -0400

The utility of a directory service for client/server
applications is that it allows clients to find servers.

But first the client has to find the directory service.
Putting the address of the LDAP server in a config file
or an environment variable does the job, but requires
that each client be individually configured or reconfigured
whenever server hosts/ports change.

Has anyone given any thought to using DNS to store the
location of LDAP servers, so that clients can look them
up that way? One way to do it would be to have a DNS
entry for an "LDAP Domain" that could have a TXT record
listing LDAP servers, possibly the subtrees they knew
about, and designating each server as a master or slave.

On the other hand, this still leaves the clients needing
to know what the name of the LDAP domain is, unless the
LDAP domain is the same as the default DNS domain for
the host, or its name can be derived from the default
domain (i.e. ldap.my.default.domain).


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