Re: slurpd problems

Gordon Good (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 09:31:13 -0700

esalant@VNET.IBM.COM wrote:

> I have built slurpd on AIX 4.1, yet when I try running it, it tells me that
> it needs threads support. AIX 4.1 though supports threads. I also tried
> building it on AIX 3.2.5 using the pthreads library and defining -D_THREADS
> but it fails on compliation.

When we were at UM, we didn't have an AIX 4.1 machine, so the ldap-3.3
release has never been ported to AIX 4.1. Doing so shouldn't be too
hard. You'll need to modify ./build/platforms/aix-cc (or aix-gcc) to
include appropriate threads definitions. It looks to me like AIX 4.1
has a pretty up-to-date pthreads implementation.

> I then went and ftp'd from the archive the ldap 3.2 package and built the
> (non-threads) slurpd application. It seems to me that there is a bug in this
> code where it copies the replication log to /usr/tmp/slurp.relog, but then
> looks for this file as /usr/tmp/<machine name:port>.replog whereas it generates
> an error.

slurpd in the 3.2 release had a lot of problems, and was completely
in 3.3. I wouldn't bother with the 3.2 version.

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