Why does the LDAP-server put a wrapper

Magnus Andersson (Magnus.Andersson@postdev.postnet.se)
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 12:58:39 +0000


Can anybody explain this to me:

I?m working with a DSA and a Ldap-server, trying to push trough X.509=20
certificates to a DUA. When the certificate gets to the DUA, it has a=20
ASN1-wrapper on.

To be more specific: before the actual certificate "=E4ASN=E504 82 0272=
" is put=20
on. The meaning of this is clear to me: 04 means that this is an=20
octet-string, 82 describes that the length of the value comes next and =
is the length of the certificate.

Has anybody seen this before? Is it standard procedure?

In the DSA the certificate is defined as "unspecified type", that is of=
unknown format (not as a certificate) and in the LDAP-server it is defi=
as "BINARY".

Is there a way to push the certificate through without a wrapper of ASN=

Best Regards,
Magnus Andersson, Sweden Post Ltd.