RE: LDAP/x.500 Search Benefits??

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Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:40:10 -0400

>it was easier to fork over 30k for an Oracle license rather than

I buy that.

>conclusion, was at the very least, that RDBM systems cover top end
>requirements and custom implementations cover the bottom (gdbm for
>instance). Could ldap satisfy the middle ground? I'm finding out
>but currently have no answers.
I don't mean to be a shmo but with the multiple uses of these concepts =
what do you mean by 'top end' vs. 'bottom end'. Do you just mean =
sophisticated and robust vs. simple and less robust?

>However, one has to be careful when comparing RDBMS to hierarchical
>database implementations. Our argument of course, is within the
>domain of directory services.

The project I'm working on is very white pages focused. It's about =
storing information about people. The only DIT structure possibilities =
come from geographic information. And it, of course, changes. I like =
LDAP because I see future applications knowing how to speak its =
language. However, current and future applications will also be able to =
speak SQL. And if they are well abstracted applications (I wish) then =
some simple changes to the gateways would make them capable of using our =
SQL database. However, if I want real universality then LDAP/x.500 is =
going to be better. So I'd rather go LDAP except for performance, =
performance, performance.=20

Is there any good documents that at least talk about what performance =
benefits might be exposed from the write infrequently read alot =
requirements of a directory service? I am surprised that the benefits =
from the decreased writing requirements of directory services don't =
automatically make them more search efficient than a similar RDBMS. Is =
this just a case of immature products, or is there not even a =
theoretical basis on which to believe that the reduced writing needs of =
a directory service would produce quicker search response times?


Performance, performance, performance.

>I hope your message generates a good thread of discussion.
>- Rich

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