Newbie ldaplib questions

Paul Panotzki (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 02:35:42 +0200


Excuse my ignorance, I'm new to ldap. The Q's:

1, binary data
ldap_get_values returns a char ** which means that essentially all values
are regular null terminated strings, but a jpeg photo (or audio or whatever
kind of binary data) is certainly not. (or is it?) How can I retrieve such
data and present it correctly? Is it stored as several values, or is it
just one value. max.500 does it nicely, but I haven't been able to trace
where it all happens...

2, charsets
How do I know which charset a string is encoded in when I fetch it from the
server? OK, values are encoded as IA5Strings, ASCII, but certainly I should
be able to store and retrieve values such as P=E4r =D6sbr=E5ng, right! Could
anybody steer me towards the relevant URL/RFC, please!

Thanks in advance!


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