Re: ldapd, ISODE, and QUIPU

Mark Smith (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 09:11:35 -0700

David Buttrick wrote:
> Hi, I have just isode v. 8.0 in order to build ldapd. ldapd seems to work,
> but I get error that the x.500 dsa is unavailable and such, but what I am
> really wondering is this:
> How dependent is ldapd upon the full implementation of quipu?
> In other words, do I need to run quipu as a daemon in order for ldapd to
> function, or can I continue to use my gdbm database that i created with
> slapd?

The short answer is "yes, you need to run quipu is you want to use
ldapd." The U-M LDAP 3.3 release contains a "standalone" LDAP server
that includes its own database (slapd) and an LDAP daemon that is
designed to be a front-end to an X.500 server (ldapd). ldapd does not
support its own database; you must get quipu or another X.500 DSA up and
running before ldapd is useful.