Failing Access Control

Jeffrey Weiss (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 14:40:08 -0500 (CDT)


Am I doing something incorrect? This slapd.conf access rule does nothing.
The full attribute list is visible everywhere.

I would like to make certain attributes outside the domain

database ldbm
suffix "o=TIES,c=US"
directory /export/home/x.500/INCOMING
index cn,sn,title,manager,jpegPhoto,labeledURI
index telephoneNumber,facsimileTelephoneNumber
index businessCategory,mail,pager,responsibilities,info
rootdn "cn=sa, o=TIES,c=US"
rootpw secret
access to dn=".*,o=TIES,c=US"
by self write
by domain=.*\.ties\.k12\.mn\.us read
by * none

And the dn entry IS normalized....

Thanks for any suggestions,

Jeffrey Weiss