Re: LDAP library for VB 4 (32-bit) 1

Greg Rolan (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:32:21 +1000

IAN CAESAR @VCO 604-380-2106 wrote:
> I am looking for a wrapped or other version of the LDAP library which
> can be used with VB Version 4 (32-bit) mode.
> Has anyone done this or made this possible in some other way?
> I seem unable to call libldab32.dll from VB 4.
> Ian.


I have been playing with VB 3.0 and the 16 bit version. I had to write
an adapter DLL to convert from the VB (i.e. _far PASCAL) calling regime
to the C-mode calls that the LDAP DLL uses. I still get wierd and
inconsistant GPFs and other errors (I think that it' the LDAP malloc
stuff). I'm next going to try MS VC++ directly.

(That's not really much help is it?)