Re: ldap 3.3: Referral objectclasses *SORRY*

Ed Oskiewicz (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 10:49:55 +0100

Chaps (and of course chapess's),

I am mortified to find that I have been bombarding you with a whole pile of
c**p whinging about the referral objectclass. There is a bug in chapter 10
of the Slapd/slurpd Admin guide, in the example entry there is a missing
attribute, if you add the line

ref: ldap:// Company,c=US

then all works. I had actually tried this with some other changes and then
removed it during later testing. Thanks to all who replied and made helpful
suggestions, I will post the results of my exploration of ldap referral as a
"how to do it guide" in the next couple of weeks.

Yet again, apologies for my being so dense.

Ed Oskiewicz

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