[Fwd: Flushing cache to index files] (fwd)

Alex Kit (kit@reston.ans.net)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 19:08:49 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Eliot et. al.,

I hacked slapd to flush the cache on every add/modify/delete,
then I ran some tests to see the if there was a significant performance
degradation. It was not noticeable. I feel that on a production system,
keeping data intergrity is worth the performance degradation.


> Why aren't the user-defined index files updated on every action which updates
> the database? If slapd is not shut down gracefully (with a -TERM signal),
> then all the cached indexed information is lost. I have found that this can
> lead to an inconsistent state in the database, since the dn2id.dbb and the
> id2entry.dbb have been updated.
> Does anyone have a patch to the code which will update all the index files
> on every write transaction to the database?
> Thanks in advance -
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